As both a commercial and residential customer of Ark's Painting, I want to say how excited I am for a locally owned company to be attentive to detail. From a very large commercial job to the painting and maintenance of my personal home, Ark's Painting shows they care about their work and their customer. I have noticed that Ark's crew is held to a standard personally and if that standard for whatever reason is not met.. Ark is on scene to ensure it gets done. I highly recommend Arks Painting for any scenario and I'm thankful for a company focused on quality, value and service.
- Matt Crump -
Executive Pastor - Crossroads Church
I had my entire house inside and outside painted by Ark's Painting several years ago and the paint still looks great and is easy to wipe off. They used quality products and did an excellent job. Then over the years they have come back when I wanted different colors here and there and again, did an excellent job!! I have recommended Ark's Painting to several friends as well. Grateful to have such an excellent service in Fayetteville.
- Alicia Thomas -
Cheers to Ark's Painting Co. We recently hired them to paint our condo building. Ark was very informative with what needed to be done to ensure a professional, attractive finished appearance. He replied in a timely manner with a bid and worked diligently until completion of the project. The entire crew was very professional and courteous. We would recommend them to anyone needing painting inside or outside.
- Marcia Hodge -
Fayetteville, NC
I've been in the real estate business for 25 years I have seen lots a lot of painters. I have had lots of houses painted. Until I met Ark and had him paint two of my houses I never knew what a really good paint job was. Ark does the best job of any painter I have ever met. Ark is honest he's easy to get along with and he is extremely professional and does a great job!
- David Evans -
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